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For dreamers, by dreamers.
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Welcome to the new online community for athletes!

At you will find a communitiy of athletes who aspire to get to the next level! Immerse yourself in our discussion forum, where you can post questions and receive advice from other members; create your own athletic resume, blog, fitness journal, and much more! This community has been built on the demand for a much needed escape from traditional social media for those who want to push forward towards their goals without the noise of everyday distractions. Our content is built by you! Our additions are built by your requests! Join the movement to reach for your goals and have a community at your back! Statistics






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Hello and Happy New Year! As one of my new year's resolutions is the finally start documenting my day to day life on a regular basis, here is episode 1 of 2017!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to comment below, or contact me via email at

Music used with permission by Ketsa Music

If you are an athlete and looking to get to the next level, check out  

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bklnthebeast | 2020.08.08

Looking for some new ideas for your home workouts?  Check out my 30 minute routine of some of my favorites exercises!



bklnthebeast | 2020.07.04

Absentee Ballot Request and Voter Registration Services for All U.S. Voters in All States at Home and Abroad

Are you an athlete living in a foreign country?  Want to participate in this year's presidential election?

Follow the link below for the easiest way to be involved in one of the most important elections of our time. 

bklnthebeast | 2016.09.26

What is is a network of athletes looking to extend or begin their professional careers. It is currently a non-profit service provided to a select group of athletes through the connection of Brooke Seaman, the founder and owner of

It is designed to be easy to view on mobile devices, making it more accessible to any potential clubs, coaches, and/or agents viewing it.

Your Athletic Resume (CV) simply acts as a virtual business card, containing all of the basic requirements to begin contract negotiations.


Why was created?

This website was created with the intent of helping those who are willing to go the extra mile to begin chasing their dream of becoming a professional athlete, or to continue pushing forward on the path they have already begun. I, Brooke Seaman, am a former self-represented athlete who has made this dream come true through the relentless use of Social Media and other methods of networking. As I push through my own season abroad, I feel a need to use the knowledge I have gained during this process to help those who are in need of a platform to start, or continue, working for themselves. Networking, I believe, is the key to success in any business after all.

This domain was originally created with the idea of pulling together athletes of all different backgrounds to use their combined networks to create a positive influence in their affiliated cities, states, and hopefully countries; by use of low to no-cost camps and clinics. Being a professional athlete, there isn't much time to devote to "outside projects", and although the original idea of the website has not had the time to manifest fully, a new use has worked it's way through. I am hoping that this will help provide the groundwork necessary to return to the original idea in time.


"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results." - Unknown


Is a sports agency?

No. Members of the network are required to do all the "heavy lifting" in regards to making contact with potential negotiating clubs, coaches, and/or agents.


How can I become part of the network?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the network, sign up today!  It's FREE! :)

bklnthebeast | 2020.07.03